Standard Racks


A number of our racks are kept loaded for everyday use. All our racks have full mains distribution built into them and require a single 16A cee form (32A for amp/psu racks). Adaptors for UK or European domestic sockets can be provided.

All of our audio racks have easily accessible multi-pin connectors for input and outputs to speed up system assembly and improve reliability. The majority of our connectors are now military specification (milspec) although we do still use some of the older EDAC type connector. Multi-pin to XLR or 1/4" Jack can be supplied. Amplifier racks ouput on Neutrik NL8 Speakons. Breakout boxes can be provided for other connector types. 

The contents of our racks does vary from time to time but this list provides a fair representation of what can be expected.

Rack Name Description per day per week
FX-A At least 5 channels of FX. Including 2xSPX990,1x Yamaha D5000, 1 SDE3000
FX-B 3 FX, 6 Gates, 6 Compressors
Pro-A 8 Drawmer/Klark Teknik Gates
Pro-B 9 Compressors (DBX160,Behringer,BSS901)
Pro-C 2 FX, 4 Gates, 4 Compressors.
Main Amplifier 4 off 2 way power amplifiers. 
Monitor Amps 2 off 4 way power amplifiers (Chevin Q6)
Shure Radio 4 off Shure Beta 58A U4 UHF Radio System
Eq-A 8 channels of Klark Teknik Graphic Equaliser
Eq-B As Eq-A & 4 Gates, 4 Comps, SPX & Sidefill crossovers.
Drive 4 Channels Klark Teknik EQ, 4 Way Stereo Crossover (BSS/KT/EAW), CD & Tape. Dual Compressor. 


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