The majority of our loudspeaker processing is now done using digital signal processing (DSP) equipment. We made this decision several years ago and after an extensive assessment of the many different solutions on offer we chose to use BSS Omnidrives as our main system controllers along with a whole load of Klark Teknik DN8000 units to use for monitors, delays, distribution or as additional main system controllers.

We have retained some EAW MX800 processors for use with the EAW KF650 stock and there are some Behringer units for running smaller 2 way systems.

BSS FDS 388 Omnidrive

BSS BSS 336 Crossover BSS BSS 366 Crossover BSS BSS FDS 360 Behringer Super X
Brand Description  per day per week
BSS FDS-388 Omnidrive processor
BSS FDS-334 Minidrive processor
BSS FDS-336 Minidrive processor
BSS FDS-366 Omnidrive processor
BSS BSS-360 Crossover
Klark Teknik DN8000 signal processor
EAW MX800i (Configured for EAW KF650)
Behringer SuperX 2/3 way crossover

Klark Teknik DN8000

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