All Change for Smokie

After many years on monitors, Vernon has decided to hang his headphones up for Smokie. CTC veteran Mick Fletcher has stepped into the role with Paul Nichol taking on front of house responsibilities now that Jason has also decided to come off the road.

Vernon says, "Life after Smokie? I guess I now run the whole company, still do all the maintenance, enjoying being at home more and in the warehouse, enjoying being involved again in local events and projects, touring the UK with the Hollies in October and I've got loads more time for Karting."

Bingley Music Live 2011

Coast to Coast continued there long association with Bingley Music Live this year, providing an extensive FOH line array system with delays and full monitors for the entire event.

Bradford Christmas Lights Switch On

Coast to Coast provided full sound and stage lighting production on behalf of Bradford Council and Pulse FM for this popular event. Bradford regular Gareth Gates was joined on stage by 24/7, local stars Kubrick and possibly the next big thing, rock band Rooster.

On the Big Screen

We are pleased to be supplying the BBC in conjunction with Lightmedia Displays a speaker system to accompany their large scale LED screen around the United Kingdom . Using just 6 of our hi-mid packs configured as full range the system performed well on its first outing on the finish line to the famous London Boat Race. Projecting over 150m of the River Thames the commentary was crystal clear on the far bank as was the sound for Eastenders, broadcast as a bonus extra earlier in the afternoon. The BBC Screen Tour runs from April to September and will be visiting towns and cities in all BBC regions. 

Latest News: The BBC big screen project has now been completed and we hope to bring you a report on its success soon.


Vernon is out with Smokie again. The start of another busy year for the band is a 2 week tour of South Africa, followed by Sweden, Israel, Germany and Denmark along with a few more places in-between.

Courtney Pine

We supplied desks and processing for Courtney Pine at Leeds College of Music as part of his current Devotion tour. The always entertaining Courtney and his superb band played for almost 2 hours to an enthusiastic crowd. Our thanks to Schon (monitor engineer) and the equally friendly front of house engineer for an enjoyable day despite some worrying hiccups with the house system. Cheers to all the enthusiastic venue staff, especially the ones on the get out.

Midas Easy Tilt

We have added another Easy Tilt to our inventory. This means that any large desk leaving the warehouse will be accompanied by an Easy Tilt. Good news for local crews and anyone else unfortunate enough to get involved with lifting a desk into place. Midas Easy TiltFor anyone who doesn't know what an Easy Tilt is we'll tell you: Imagine a cleverly designed bit of metalwork that allows you to easily tip a desk into position without 6 people struggling and almost breaking their backs. That is an Easy Tilt. 3 people (2 if they weigh a bit) can easily get a heavy desk into place without breaking into a sweat. 


Sennheiser Radio Microphones

Not everyone wants the all singing and dancing Shure UHF radio system so we decided to get a couple of more everyday radio mics. We have used the Sennheiser EW145 system before and found them to be excellent quality and very well built so we bought 2 sets of them. We still have our AKG radio microphones available for hire. All our radio systems are on UHF frequencies and will be supplied with the appropriate permit for use.

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